HDL- BUS (Wired)

HDL Bus System is what we can really call a "Smart system "in accordance to smart solutions for the following advantages:

1- Saving Money By selecting the HDL Bus protocol there will be considerably less wiring, less conduits and less manpower to execute. In Addition, there will be less distribution frames and less wiring cabinets with significant advantages to current Home Automation Standards. These savings alone Make the Whole HDL Bus System Look as if it totally free of charge.

2 - Function and Feature Unlimited Expansion Ability HDL Bus protocol can be expanded directly from any point to many other HDL Bus systems a daisy chain topology like a Christmas tree. The system can bridge many networks together and each network can have up to 65,000 addressable devices on the same wire. HDL Bus allows each device to have a different addressable channels and ports or status I/O .

3 - Product Versatility Plug and Play integration ability. HDL Bus provide a complete solution for: Lighting and Dimming Systems, HVAC Control, BMS I/O, Access Control, Wall Panels switches and Touch screens, Multi Room Audio, Power Meters and Analysers, Energy Saving Sensors and Logic, Automation and Security controllers, Infra-Red Networks, Hotel Guest Room Management Systems, Media Streaming, SMS Modules, Stage lighting Racks, lighting control consoles and Show control, Wireless tablets and remote controls Hand held, Ballast, LED, DMX, DALI, EIB, Mod BUS, KNX, Ethernet, fiber optics bridges and Controllers, Curtain and Drape Motors etc. that are all fully HDL Bus Enabled and are connected and configured direct once any HDL Bus connected wire is just plugged/Connected into any of those devices or nodes.

4 - HDL Bus devices are green devices, these devices do not consume power while on standby and while in operation the power consumption rate is approximately 24mA per device and the usage of each systems be it as an application to Home Automation and consumes low energy and provides Environmental Benefits.

In addition, HDL Bus is an Eco-Friendly system that potentially decreases the wastage energy & carbon content in the building, decreases the wastage PVC materials such as piping and conduits. HDL Bus protocol contributes to minimization of time and human resources. In addition in reduction of noise pollution and the dust generated from grinding and breaking.

5 - Return on Investment HDL Bus fitted home or commercial structures is a value for money enabling a fast selling progress due that the current demand of automation solutions is a global requirement wherein the application of its solution provided through Home Automation for residential needs, Building Automation on high end residential and commercial  establishments and guest management system in Hotel Automation, In a more descriptive details of HDL Bus Ability and Advantages among other systems in the following main category:

Home Automation and Building Automation - control and management ability in lighting, air conditioning, audio and video security, safety, energy saving, irrigation and access control.

Hotel Automation - comfort and convenience in use of lighting, air conditioning, entertainment and energy saving as the commonly utilized functions in hotels. HDL Bus system turns a home from normal to a smart home on Home Automation, building management  to smart  Building Automation and smart Hotel Automation classifies five star hotel as not just a rank yet a cream-of- the-crop statement.

6 - Home Builders Benefits HDL Bus contributes knowledge in home building. Benefiting construction processes through cabling, conducting, commissioning and installation. HDL Bus assists building contractors and consultants with the less hurdles on documentations processing and understanding of the old and meticulous re-drafting and blue printing when applying new technology, and while every countries have different set of laws and standards. HDL Bus' assists technology knowledge advantages in the Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical and Interior Design sectors.

Z-Wave Technology: (Wireless)

Z-Wave is an international standard for wireless home automation. Home automation allows to interconnect all functions dealing with electricity such as light, heating, cooking, cooling, security etc with each other and to apply automation of these functions. This results in more security and more convenience in homes and offices. Home automation also helps to save energy and other resources.
The interconnection of all these functions can be accomplished using wires or a wireless technology.

  • Z-WAVE a new Wireless Protocol being Introduced in India for the first time.
  • Establishes an Intelligent, Private and Secure Network within your house between the devices to serve you and your nominees only.
  • Range can be extended significantly since each device acts as a Repeater and creates a Mesh Network.
  • Line of sight not required.
  • Especially suited for two-way communication for monitoring and control.
  • Intelligent network enables devices to learn to find best communication path.
  • Very safe : Magnetic flux from 2000 devices is equivalent to magnetic flux from one GSM phone which is itself one fifth in terms of aborption of signals from FM Radio/TV Transmission.
  • Modular Design: New devices can be added later very easily if there are budget constraints or to meet expanding needs.
  • Scalable: Can add up to 232 devices (generally most houses and Business will not need more than 20-30 devices).
  • Secure: Designed to be secure from unauthorised access.

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