Hotel Room

Our dedicated hotel system can control lighting, background audio and environmental systems in guest rooms, hallways, and common areas. In addition to this we can provide full integration with the existing BMS software, enable energy monitoring and automated check in/out procedures.


A modern spa provides a relaxing and healthy atmosphere for visitors. To effortlessly accomplish this essential environment, solutions that change lighting intensity and color are available, as well as zoned background music, Zoned temperature control. Our system can be fully integrated with 3rd party hardware/software, and will operate fluently throught out the years.


Bars and clubs often place heavy demands on lighting and environmental systems. HDL has a vast range of lighting systems ideally suited to clubs and bars, which can be simply controlled via Android or iOS devices. In addition to this, we can fully automate HVAC so that an exact temperature can be maintained guaranteeing the safety of the public.

Let's Automate

We at SmartSquare design and custom build automation solutions to fulfill your requirements and lifestyle.

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