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Smart Living

Home Automation is Controlling of Home Cinema with full HDTV, DTH, TV & Blu Ray/DVD, a sensor network consisting of motion, Lux, Temperature, Humidity, Illumination, Air Quality, Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Media Streaming, Lighting, Scenes Setting and Dimming Compatible with LED lamps, Halogen, Spotlights, Fluorescents, Air Condition Control, Curtain/Blind Control, Background Audio Control & Floor Heating Control.

Smart living products can upgrade manual wall switches to fully automatic ones which can be controlled from your smart phones or tablets and can also be controlled manually. The feature to remote control can even be extended over the cloud and which will open doors for Internet of things (IOT). Our user friendly smart apps along with Smart living devices can add wow factor and flexibility to your office or home environment.

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Smart Bedrooms

The following Smart home automation works for Bed room will take care of your safety and reliablity. Our work for your room will make u feel excited and happy. HDTV Control, Background Audio Control, Media Streaming, Air Quality, Smoke Detector, Lighting Control, Scenes Setting and Dimming Compatible with LED lamps, Air Condition Control, Medical Help Alert, Panic Button & Floor Heating Control.

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Smart Bathrooms

Background Audio, Panic Button, Ventilation Control Lighting Control, Towel Rack Temperature Control, Air Condition Control & Floor Heating Control

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Smart Home Theatre

Home Automation offers Multi Room Audio & Video, Video on Demand, High End Speakers, Wi-Fi Multi-room audio and video distribution, Acoustics & Sound Design, Selection and Integration of AV Equipment, Lighting Control, Scenes Setting and Dimming Compatible with LED lamps, Air Condition Control, and Automation.

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Smart Kitchen

Our smart kitchen works for your home makes the cooking work easy and excited. Background music keeps u away from boredom, Power sockets are designed in such a way that there is no need of searching for long wire Electric products and also shock resistant sockets.

Some of our smart kitchen works are Background Music, Power Socket, Air Condition Control, Heat & Smoke Detection, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Isobutene Detection & Ventilation Control

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Smart Outdoors

Smart work for the outdoor is very important in terms of Safety and also attraction. We ensure the safe outdoor smart work for your home or office. Our outdoor work contains Doors/Windows sensors, Electronic Locks, Gates, Garage Door, Smart Camera, Wi-Fi Door Bell, Sprinkler Systems, Motor Pumps, Water level management, Automatic Watering based on several environmental factors like moisture, pH level, sunlight, etc., These outdoor works mentioned above not only looks at safety but also the beauty of your sweet home.

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