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The working environment is where many people spend the majority of their day. Many people spend most of time i.e nearly 12-15 hrs in the Metropolitan cities like Bangalore. It is a proven fact that if the office environment is managed effectively, staff well-being and productivity levels will increase. Because the environment around us will directly affects our mind and heart.

With SmartSquare office automation system, intelligent automatic control of lighting, music, HVAC, and security is implemented, and energy savings of 30% can be accomplished. The effective environment can be managed which will directly affects the minds of people working there and work can be accomplished easily.

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Large car showrooms need to utilize dynamic lighting in order to best present the cars on sale. Without proper presentation of Products not only cars, many other products need proper presentation. This proper presentation can be done our smart square team which will make your showroom to smart showroom. Which in turn increase the sales.

Thanks to the experience that SmartSquare has with stage lighting, and our unsurpassed automation systems, we are the clear choice for any type of showroom. The BMW showroom pictured above made use of over 800 lighting channels enabling total illumination control.

Best Smart Home Security Systems in Bangalore

Schools & Colleges

Common users of HDL office automation systems are schools, college, and university's.

Both public and private sector institutions have used our technology for superior environmental control, and added security. SmartSquare can automate, lighting, blinds/shutters, security & HVAC.

Let's Automate

We at SmartSquare design and custom build home and office automation system to fulfill your requirements and lifestyle.

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